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"All Wet" by Mr.Oizo


"All Wet" is a sixth full-length album by French electronic musician and film director Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo. This album is experimental and off-beat, weird and funky as much as his first big hit in 1999 called "Flat Beat" that didn't sound like anything else of that time.  "Flat Beat" also introduced a yellow puppet known as "Flat Eric", that later on became a very recognizable character created by Jim Henson's Creative Shop for Levi's Sta-Prest commercials.

This new record is an electro mixture of vocals, electronic loops and beats, and contains 15 "outrageously wet" tracks which features Boys Noize, Charli XCX, Mocky, Peaches, Phra (Crookers), Siriusmo, and also a collaboration with Skrillex on the track "End of the World."

Quentin directed a very interesting video compilation for all of the tracks from the album, which opens with the most notable track "End of the World," which also introduces a well known yellow puppet, Flying Lotus as "Fake Skrillex" and it couldn't be complete without a Donald Trump doll for the "Now it's gonna be exciting to watch the end of the world" part....

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